Welcome! I’m Fredrik Häthén and I write music for games, movies and various other things. This is my portfolio site. Hope you feel at home!

If you’re looking for my portfolio, look down to the left; it’s right there. Just click on a playlist item and you’ll get a sample of the music I’ve written. You can find both various types of showreels as well as standalone tracks.

There are a few buttons for social media to the left, too! If you want to follow me on Twitter, check my Facebook page or look me up on LinkedIn, the buttons are your best friends. (There’s also an RSS button there. I don’t know how it works.)

Looking for more information about me, projects I’ve worked on or general contact info? Links are in the black bar to your left.

Lastly, the fancy image slideshow thing above us right now is displaying soundtracks I’ve released. Clicking an image will either take you to a the site where the game/movie is available or a Bandcamp page where you can listen to the soundtrack and maybe even buy it!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, would like to see more work or would like to hire me for an upcoming project. My email’s always open!