Added a new thing to the front page! I recently scored the short film “Hej då JP” (“Good bye JP”) by Johan Cederholm from En Jävla Mutant, and it was a very fun experience. You can check it out by clicking on the link here or from the credits section, or by clicking on the image on the main page image slider.

Speaking of main pages and image sliders – I am contemplating a redesign of this site (again). We’ll see what happens. Maybe you all would like to see a small blog thingy pop up or something? Do drop me an email and tell me!


Wow – it’s been a busy year so far. On October 24th, BetaDwarf Entertainment‘s co-op arena game FORCED was released on Steam. My music is not available on any music platform at this moment, but if you’ve bought the game you can get the soundtrack as DLC for a very small fee (even smaller now that the game’s 20% off – it will remain that way until October 31st, so hurry if you want to get it cheap!).

The FORCED soundtrack features 43 tracks of music. Some tracks on the OST are not in the game; I decided to include a couple of trailer tracks that I wrote as well as a couple of older versions of the music for good measure. I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

But yeah – it was a fun and exhausting experience, but now the game is out, the music is finished and I move on to other things. Please spread the word about the game to everyone you know, and do feel free to check out the soundtrack too!


Today marks a milestone in my life, and perhaps my biggest achievement ever thus far: I have released a soundtrack I’ve worked on for nearly two years, and I am extremely proud of of it. It’s from The Horror at MS Aurora, and you can get the music right here. If you want to support me, this is a very good way to do so. Oh, and if you prefer to get your tunage from iTunes, Amazon or Spotify (or many others), you can find the album on there too! Sadly I can’t control the pricing on any of those platforms, so if you’re looking for the best possible deal, head on over to my Bandcamp page and grab the OST from there. You’ll also be getting the awesome back cover that my wife-to be made – and trust me, it is gorgeous.

Wow – I am so happy to be alive and doing what I do right now. It’s been a wonderful ride, and I am so proud to be able to show you all the result of my hard work!


I added a new image to the image slider! If you haven’t played Knytt Underground yet you totally should, and now there’s a free soundtrack available (to which I contributed a few tracks).


Right, two small updates:

  • I changed the year for the previous update to the correct one after a couple of emails told me I was living one year into the future.
  • I added some more projects to the Credits page – more games with my music have been released/announced!


Site is live! After being in the works for years (no kidding!), there is finally a site up that features all of my music.