The Quick, Professional Version

Fredrik Häthén has been composing music for 15 years and has worked with all kinds of moods, instrumentations and situations. His music is often classified as “personal”, “classical” and “romantic”. Fredrik also plays all kinds of saxophones. He graduated from Blekinge Institute of Technology with a BSc in Digital Music Production and is set to finish his MFA at Gotland University in late 2013. Fredrik has also arranged music for various settings such as string quartets and saxophone quartets and his arrangements have been performed by Swedish army musicians. He has also worked together with Dynamedion and the Belarus Philharmonic Orchestra.


Longer, More Personal Version

Feel free to ignore this if you like; it’s just me talking about myself for way too long.

I was born in Malmö. The 13th of March 1984 was a bright, cold and sunny day, and my umbilical chord was wrapped three times around my neck. I was blue in the face and had to spend a week under blankets in a warm space because I was positively shaking all the time. After that I grew up, started to become interested in music (I had a CASIO keyboard when I was a kid and it played “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” if you pressed the DEMO button). I also got a small tape recorder and mic and my parents really regretted giving me that. There are still tapes in existence somewhere that contain me singing the theme from Duck Tales with made up lyrics. It ain’t pretty.

Then school happened and I try to forget about it. Most of us try to forget about school, really.

Along the way I picked up the saxophone and started playing it a lot. I also found a pirated copy of Midisoft Studio 4 at my dad’s job (he was running a computer teaching class kind of thing) and I discovered the wonderful world of clicking notes in a program and getting them to make sounds. (I don’t condone piracy and I have no idea who actually make the CD where the software was. Just saying.)

During the years that followed I learned new tools. I worked with DirectMusic Producer, I tried FruityLoops (and didn’t get it), I worked with Cakewalk that would eventually become SONAR… and then we come to present day, when I’m using Cubase most of the time, SONAR some of the time, and a lot of new and fantastic tools I didn’t have when I was younger. I used to work exclusively with General MIDI and now – it’s a different world. The emotions are the same, though; I still try to convey the same amount of love and care in my music. I still do my best to write music that fits the mood, the situation, the general feel of the whole thing. I also love what I do with a burning passion.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to have my music recorded by a real, live orchestra. That has always been my lifelong dream and now it’s happened! I also know quite a few really awesome musicians and singers who help me out occasionally and they know I love them.

I am engaged to a wonderful woman who is a really awesome artist, and I love cats. I own almost everything Terry Pratchett has ever written and I am still a very avid gamer. Watching the opening to A Link to the Past still brings a tear to my eye. I like to think I’m at the right side of slightly crazy. I am very open with my life and my past experiences and I love talking to new people. Send me an email if you want me to work on your games, sure, but do go ahead and send me an email if you just want to talk music in games, fun experiences with music in general or just ask me a question. I do get a lot of emails but I do my best to answer all of them.

Here’s me wishing you a wonderful day!